Friday, September 30, 2011

Gorgeous Pumpkins!!

I am so excited, this year, about Halloween!  Have you seen some of the amazing ideas for pumpkins?  I never thought of doing these kinds of creative decorating with them.  Until now, I've made them with cut out faces and candles.   

These first ones were made with puffy paint.  It looks like beautiful black bling.

Pinned Image

These were decorated with acrylic paint, puffy paint, and simple toothpick scratching.  

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Love the spider and silver bling.  I'm not sure if these are those gem stickers or sequins.  The spider looks like it was spray-painted silver.

Pinned Image

Vinyl elements, black jewels, and ribbon make these so cute.  

Pinned Image

Um, stencil and freehand painted pumpkins?  Wow.  

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I love the fall colors used here and the different patterned pumpkins are a great touch.  Simple acrylic paint was used.  

Pinned Image

Spraypainted black, then draw an argyle pattern with acrylic paint.  

Pinned Image

These beauties are my favorite.  I don't know how they did them, though.  Any ideas?  Stencils?  ModPodge?  If anyone knows, please leave me a message.  

Pinned Image

I can't wait to get started this year on some of these!



Pidg said...

These are to die for gorgeous! I really want to paint me some pumpkins now :)

Not Your Ordinary Agent said...

Wow, those last ones are pretty amazing... ALL OF THEM are amazing, but those are my faves too. Would love for you to stop by at some point and link up one of your crafts to
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TanyasTreasureTrove said...

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Mom Daughter Style said...

these are great

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Colie's Kitchen said...

Hi this is Nicole from Colie’s Kitchen I just discovered your blog and wanted to drop by and say hi. I am now a new follower. I would love to have you stop by Colie’s Kitchen if you get a chance.

Valerie @ My-2-cents said...

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Mindy said...

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couponingfromFL2MI said...

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Andrea Brand . Charcoal and Crayons said...

Oh my goodness... I LOVE them all! It's going to be so hard to decide how to decorate our pumpkin this year!

Mom Blog Society said...

WOW, I love them all!
Hi, just wanted to let you know that I'm visiting from MBS Alexa Hop! I liked you on FB, followed you on Twitter, and left you and Alexa review! Hope you return the favor!
Mom Blog Society

Mom Does Reviews said...

Great pumpkins!
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Lisa said...

Couldn't help bust gasp when I saw the pictures. Beautiful folk art. New follower!

Eschelle said...

it is amazing what people come up with for pumpkin art, honestly inspiring!

nice to meet you i'm a new follower via the sunday blog hop!

I'm NOT a VOLCANO! said...

These are really cute. I've never made any, but I'd love to. I keep telling myself "when I have more time" - lol. When my kids are older and can decorate their own that way without me having to stop and help them every five seconds.

I'm here from mbs alexa hop. I'm following you on GFC and I'm off to leave you review right now. I'd love a follow and review back. Thanks

Nancy StylenDecorDeals said...

Hi Britney!
Love the pumpkin bling!!
The platypi are so adorable too!
Great blog!
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myshelomitashop said...

These pumpkins are really beautiful!! I am new follower now on your GFC, stopping by from MBS Alexa hop and on my way to leave a review for you. I hope you would visit me back and return the favour :)

myshelomitashop said...

woops forgot to tell you, I am passing on the Liebster blog award to you, you can check it later in my post what it is all about..Congratulation!

Leroy Coffie said...

very cool pumpkins, joined you through the Alexa Hop. We had a great Halloween too

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